The sugar house is where all the goodness begins. We love sharing our passion for maple syrup!

The sugar house is where all the goodness begins. We love sharing our passion for maple syrup!


Back Creek Farms is located in the beautiful Back Creek valley of Highland County, Virginia. Life in Highland County has always been about using the abundant natural resources around us in a responsible, sustainable way - and carving a livelihood out of the mountains, woods and meadows which make up this beautiful area known as Virginia's Switzerland.

Making maple syrup is a way of life on back creek.

 Our maple syrup is a purely natural food, produced by boiling sugar water from maple trees to concentrate the sugar. There are no substitutes for real maple syrup. Why? Not only does maple syrup taste better than other sweeteners, it contains vitamins and minerals, and has been found to contain compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Real. Pure. Maple.  It’s the best.

but wait - there's more...

We are always experimenting, trying to find new ways to use what is here in this valley. We have now introduced Hickory Syrup in addition to the traditional Maple - a new taste treat! We make our Apple Butter in a copper kettle - the old-fashioned way. And we just finished harvesting our first Elderberry crop - Elderberries syrup has numerous health benefits and we are excited about adding it to our growing list of locally grown and prepared food products.

and in addition to food...

We are committed to repurposing old wood and other items which were once a part of the pioneering lifestyle found here in the mountains.  Do you need a cake stand with an antler base? Or a tissue box holder made from wormy chestnut? Visit our store for current offerings of both practical and unusual items.  We also have Back Creek Farms T-shirts and Highland County ball caps and coozies!

we want to share back creek with you.

Do you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life?  Do you need to breathe fresh mountain air and awaken to the sounds of birds and the wind rustling through the leaves?  Do you need to really see the moon - and the Milky Way?  We have just the place for you!  Nestled between our sugar house and Back Creek, we built a rustic, yet luxurious log cabin,  so you can experience the peace and joy we find in listening to the creek, watching the wildlife, sharing stories around a campfire or soaking in your very own, private hot tub.


Maple Syrup

The Cabin